Monday, 22 August 2011

Ampeg Scrambler: The Madness The Myth

  About 15 or so years ago I found a fuzzbox for sale in a local Buy & Sell paper for $70. I was just starting to get into buying gear and really didn't know much. I knew I wanted a fuzz pedal that much I was sure. I lived in the sticks and didn't have access to the internet and even if I had there weren't any Googles, blogs, forums, wikis, or more importantly ebays to help inform my purchase. The ad said Fuzzbox for sale $70! Good enuff. I called the seller, arranged a time and my best friend and I went to pick it up. It was an Ampeg Scrambler and I had no idea what that meant. The guy selling it couldn't wait to ditch it fast enough. As though it was a cursed monkey's paw, he wanted rid of it. When I got home I plugged my Duo Sonic into this contraption and ran it into my Twin Reverb. I had never heard anything more offensive to the senses and was instantly in love. The sound of this thing stuck to your teeth and made your eyes water! It made music smell bad. My dad said something about skinning a cat... Recently I have been running it into my Big Muff Germanium4 and seeing what kind of filth I can create and how far my bandmates will tolerate this nonsense before they kick me out.

  There are a lot of Scrambler clones out there but I haven't had the opportunity to test them out. Still for me nothing will be able to replace the madness of the original. For some interesting history and sound clips be sure to check out Tonefrenzy's Scrambler site here ...

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