Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fender Blues Jr.

Holy Guacamole! I picked up a used Blues Jr. recently and lemme tell you, it'll kick your ass. My previous main amp was an old '72 Twin Reverb. I never could come to grips with that much volume and headroom. It was too beastly to take to band practice (wouldn't even fit in my car) and too loud to play at home. The Blues Jr. was the perfect answer. 15 watts is a far cry from 100, but it can keep up at band practice just fine and won't get me evicted when I'm playing at home. I did find the stock speaker to be a little unruly and ended up replacing it with an Eminence Red, White & Blues (which is a great speaker btw and another blog post for another day.) I've used a lot of different pedal combinations and they all sound great with it but the more I play it the more I like running straight into the amp. If loud, dirty & punchy is your thing you can't go wrong here.

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