Thursday, 25 August 2011

Gibson Guitar Corp. "Cheese it! The Fuzz!"

  It appears the Gibson Guitar Corp. was raided by the feds yesterday (Aug.24) due to an interpretation by said porkchops of an obscure law regarding illegal wood (pfft...snicker). Armed agents of The Justice Dept. executed search warrants in regards to wood that was purchased from India but was apparently not finished by Indian workers. Production was shut down for the day and employees were sent home early.

 Henry Juszkiewicz Chairman and CEO of Gibson talked some shit about it and the Gov.

Update: 08/27/11

 According to this article, it's all Obama's fault. Maybe they think that because he had Common at the White House he must hate solos and it's a Leftist agenda to destroy all Metal. Also it assumes all guitarists will become Objectivist Tea-Baggers because of this. However, this law was passed under Dubya's watch. Here's a pic of Obama being presented with a Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul . Weird!

More with the funny....

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