Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Steve Jones Les Paul Custom

I like my gear cheap-ish but still not complete garbage. Maybe an Epiphone copy at a reasonable price would be ok but $6700? I'm not totally opposed to good quality gear at high prices, there's a market for it, I'm just not in that market. I'm not sure how many Sex Pistols fans would be. Maybe it's meant for your average, everyday L.A. rockstar that got into the Pistols by hearing Motley Crue butcher a great song. I dunno, but it is what it is.

Steve Jones Les Paul Custom

And for the commenter that pointed out Sylvain Sylvain's connection to the history of the original guitar there's this...

P.S. Thanks for the comment, hope your enjoying the blog

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  1. The ironic thing is that white Les Paul that Steve Jones used in the Sex Pistols actually belonged to Syl Sylvain from the NY Dolls and it was stolen by Malcom McLaren who managed both bands. Unbelievable that it's now his "signature" model!