Friday, 30 December 2011

Mosrite Fuzzrite BG-500/ 1000 Amp

 Recently our band made a trip to Detroit and did some time at Ghetto Recorders with Jim Diamond. For the most part we used the gear Jim had kicking around the joint and my bandmate found an Alamo Fiesta guitar and plugged that into an old Mosrite Ventures Fuzzrite amp. From what I could gather it's a solid state amp with a Fuzzrite circuit built in. It sounded great, very nasty and trashy. I'm not really sure what the street value is on these things but likely it's ridiculous.


  1. The amp I played through at Jim's was a Mosrite Model 400, not a BG-500/1000. Solid state with a single 15" speaker. I've seen pieces of these amps (no cab, no speaker) go for almost $500.

  2. Ah, my mistake. I thought it was the BG.